MotoGP™ Ignition: Card Collection Expert Edition

Hey MotoGP™ Ignition fans! Have you been joining the Card Collection events for our community members on REVV Discord? Every week a 50,000 REVV prize pool is split among registered players who have successfully collected all the cards required for the weekly challenge.

To celebrate the opening of the new MotoGP™ Ignition Official Marketplace, the current week has been running with a double prize pool and we are now also launching an Expert Edition challenge to all of our players!

Expert Edition — How it works

In the Card Collection Expert Edition, you will need to hold a set of cards in order to earn from the 150,000 REVV reward pool. The cards can be obtained through MotoGP™ Ignition Marketplace, or from opening MotoGP™ Ignition card packs.

There are three levels of challenges for you to complete, each requiring different cards from previously launched MotoGP™ Ignition card packs. Earn points by collecting the required cards for each level, pool will be divided by the total points of all participants and each point you earned grants you a share of REVV! So get collecting to secure a bigger prize!

Level 1

Collect all 3 cards for 3 points.

  1. Rare or above 2020 Series 1 Bike — Suzuki GSX-RR (Number 36 or 42)
  2. Rare or above 2020 Series 2 Bike — Ducati Desmosedici GP19 (Number 5 or 53)
  3. Rare or above 2021 Hot Shot — Onboard with Joan Mir

Level 2

Collect a rare or above 2020 Series 1 Team — Pol Espargaró (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) for +1 extra point.

Level 3

Collect a rare or above 2020 Series 2 Rider — Brad Binder for +1 extra point.

You must clear previous levels to earn the points of higher levels. For example, if you are holding the level 1 and 3 cards without the level 2 one, you will only get 3 points instead of 4. You will only need to hold one of each required card. Duplicates of the same card, regardless of rarity, will not grant you extra points.

To be eligible for receiving prizes, you must register your wallet between Mar 31 17:30 UTC and April 6th 17:30 UTC and hold the required cards at the time of random snapshot taken between April 6th 17:30 and April 7th 17:30 UTC. Follow the next section for registration instructions.

Register your wallet for the event

To register for the event, first you will need to join the official REVV Discord server and get verified.

Then, head to the #motogp-collector channel, post your Flow wallet address between Mar 31 17:30 UTC and April 6th 17:30 UTC and that’s it! You can find your Flow wallet address starting with 0x… by connecting your wallet on the official website.

Looking for cards?

You can trade MotoGP™ Ignition NFTs with REVV on the official marketplace. Alternatively, you can check out VIV3, BloctoBay, and Rarible.

Get REVV on Flow

You can swap FLOW tokens for REVV by using BloctoSwap. REVV on Ethereum can also be bridged to Flow through Blocto Teleport (tutorial).

Enabling REVV storage

In order to receive REVV prizes and trade NFTs using REVV, you will need to enable REVV storage in your Flow wallet. Go to the MotoGP™ Ignition official website and click “Enable REVV” on top, then follow the instructions. If your wallet’s REVV storage is not enabled by the time of payout, your rewards will be rolled over to the next payout, until storage is enabled.

Any questions, give us a shout!

If you have questions, thoughts or feedback, head on over to any of our social media channels and let us know. We’re on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

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