Greetings to all the MotoGP™ enthusiasts, collectors and racers out there! Today marks a very exciting day for MotoGP™ Ignition as our much anticipated pack opening feature is now available!

This year, we launched the first two sales of MotoGP™ Ignition collectibles, both of these sales were met with overwhelming demand and quickly sold out. Today, the time has come to find out what hidden treasures your packs may hold!

If you would like to recap, please click here to read more about MotoGP™ Ignition.

To open your packs right now, please head on over to the MotoGP™ Ignition Website!

Greetings to all the MotoGP™ enthusiasts out there! The much anticipated second sale for MotoGP™ Ignition will start on 29 April 2021 at 12 p.m. (UTC)!

Last month we launched the first sale of MotoGP™ Ignition collectibles and it was met with astonishing demand - over 70,000 orders within a few minutes after the sale started. To ensure a smoother experience, we will implement a new queue system in this second sale.

This second sale is for the Series 2 of the 1st Edition 2020 Card Packs, featuring the remaining riders and bikes from the 2020 MotoGP™ season that were…

UPDATE: Due to the high demand we are now switching to single pack purchase per transaction!

As previously announced, the first Card Pack Sale for MotoGP™ Ignition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) begins on 26 March 2021 on In this post you can learn all the details you need before the sale goes live.

A brief introduction: MotoGP™ Ignition is an officially licensed MotoGP™ competitive management and collectibles game built on the Flow blockchain, and is one of the titles in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

Animoca Brands and REVV are bringing MotoGP™ to blockchain! Your favourite teams, cars, and riders will soon become digital collectibles that can be used in the upcoming blockchain game: MotoGP™ Ignition. And the first content sale begins 26 March 2021 — don’t miss out!

REVV Motorsport is a connected blockchain gaming motorsport ecosystem that uses the REVV ERC-20 token as the main currency for purchase and utility. You can learn more about REVV here.

REVV Motorsport brings the biggest, most recognisable motorsport brands to blockchain in the form of competitive games utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each NFT is a unique…

MotoGP™ Ignition will launch on Flow, initial sale of NFTs starts 26 March 2021, game art available

25 February 2021 — Animoca Brands, the developer and publisher of the successful blockchain games F1® Delta Time and The Sandbox, is further expanding its push to bring mainstream consumers to blockchain by announcing that MotoGP™ Ignition, the competitive management and collectibles game platform based on MotoGP™, will be built on the Flow blockchain, with the first content sale to begin 26 March 2021. Flow was originally created by Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties.​

MotoGP™, managed by Dorna Sports, S.L., is the oldest motorsports championship in the world, featuring the fastest riders and the most…

MotoGP Ignition

MotoGP is the 2nd REVV project, leveraging NFTs to empower players. Take the role of team manager in this management game title!

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